Misfits Season 2 Episode 6 Review

Only Misfits can take a guy who can control milk with his mind and make him a genuinely scary villain. In this weeks episode, the shit hits the fan when people with superpowers are revealed to the press, which of course lands the gang in a whole heap of trouble. As per usual there is a new character with a superpower and a hidden agenda, some laugh out loud moments, and points of genuine drama and tension.

The creators of Misfits said that they would reveal a character with the most bizarre power ever seen, and they weren’t lying. In order to impress a girl, a young man reveals his power of “Lactokinesis” which immediately causes a media circus, which lands the Misfits in trouble when their probation worker rats them out after finding out that they are also superpowered. Unfortunately for the Milk Guy, his power is a bit rubbish when compared with time travel and immortality, and so he begins his rampage of murder and mayhem that ends in tragedy for all. But what can a guy who can move milk with his mind do to hurt somebody? Well, it turns out he can cause the yogurt you had for breakfast to sit in your throat until you choke to death, or he can take the cheese you had on your pizza and wrap it round your brain, or he can just stab you. Overall, he turns out to be a pretty compelling villain and while some people might think his defeat had a touch of deus ex machina about it, it was incredibly foreshadowed throughout the episode.

The real highlight of the episode was as usual, Simon, and unlike the rest of the group, he decides to avoid the media frenzy and go it alone, only to find out that it was hard and ends up staying in Nathan’s hotel room. Which allows him to eavesdrop on a conversation about himself between Nathan and Alisha, which leads to Simon finding out about his time-travelling future self. While Simon finding out that he becomes a real superhero is an important part of the episode, the most important part of the episode for Simon was showing just how he could become a superhero. As we all know, Simon is incredibly protective of his friends, and when they are threatened by the Milk Guy, he shows he is willing to sacrifice himself in order to save the one guy who can fix any problem, Curtis.

While the whole, “reverse time so the whole episode never happened” ending does seem a bit cheap, it doesn’t matter, what is important is that we were incredibly entertained, and we also know that Simon really did enjoy his time in community service, and also that the teleporting girl is a completely pointless character.

Overall, it was another fantastic episode (to be honest have there been any than less than amazing episodes?) which showed us that anything can happen in the Misfits universe, and that maybe we should eat less dairy? It was also good to see Curtis do something besides look confused, which seemed to happen with alarming regularity.

While this was technically the season finale, the Christmas special airs tomorrow, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out how future Simon can do the things that he does.

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