Misfits Season 2 Christmas Special Review

Merry Chrismisfits!

On Sunday the 19th of December 2010 was the season finale/Christmas special of Misfits Season 2, and what a fantastic series it has been. I can think of few programs that are as well put together and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. The Christmas Special finds the gang three months after the last episode, trying to make it in the world after having finished their community service, Simon is in training to becoming Superhoodie and is in a relationship with Alisha, who is working in a pub with Curtis, Kelly is picking up litter, and Nathan is handing out leaflets while dressed as Father Christmas. Everyone’s pretty fed up with the best days of their life behind them, but of course, things don’t stay so boring for long, and pretty quickly everything gets shaken up.

One important new figure introduced this episode is the mysterious Power Dealer who has the ability to take peoples powers and redistribute them, while he only appears in a few scenes, he has the potential to change a lot of things for the gang. He also helps introduce the villain for the episode – a priest who loses his faith, buys a bunch of powers and starts conning people into thinking he is Jesus reborn. While “Jesus” is slowly gathering a band of disciples, the Misfits decide that they can make some money by selling their powers, of course this leads to a terrible situation that the gang are unable to help, which results in them buying some powers back.

As always with Misfits, the episode is an absolute cracker (no christmas pun intended), plus there was the added bonus of having Nikki’s purpose being revealed. The series needed a main character to kill off in the Christmas special in order to show the gang how important their powers are, but of course none of the original gang could or should be written out, so a character was introduced with the implication that she was important and given time for the audience to get used to her, which makes her death dramatic and important and sad and stuff. Fortunately, I never like the character, so while I recognise that it was a sad moment, I was ultimately relieved.

Another big change that occurred for the characters was Nathan’s new role as a dad after falling in love and starting a relationship with a heavily pregnant girl. While it seems a bit odd at first for the usually selfish Nathan to suddenly accept a whole heap of responsibility, it was shown in the first season that he has some connection with babies, plus there is a more thematic link with his association with death and rebirth being replaced with a link to new life. But maybe I’m reading too far into it, and the writers perhaps just wanted Nathan to have some more responsibility and stop being such a dick.

This was yet another flawless episode, which ended on a fantastic cliffhanger as the gang decided to get entirely new powers, which I’m sure will open up a whole world of possibility for season 3. Much like the last episode of season 1 introduced Superhoodie, we are introduced to a mysterious man who can give and take peoples’ powers. This has been a truly fantastic series without a dud episode out of the 7, and I really, really can’t wait for series 3.

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