Captain America Trailer

So it seems like i was one of the few people in the western world who didn’t watch the superbowl, but what I was most annoyed about missing was not the handegg tournament, but the Captain America teaser. Fortunately, by the time I woke the next morning, the video was on every single page of the internet. So I’ve decided to write down my thoughts on a 30 second video that everyone saw two days ago.

First off, how did they get Chris Evans to look so skinny? It reminds me of that scene in Spiderman where Peter Parker looks at himself in the mirror before getting his powers, and I think for that scene they filmed him before and after working out. But Chris Evans was never that thin, so I suspect some CGI trickery, and after finding out that the twins in the Social Network were played by the same guy, I now know that someones face can be put on someone else’s body and you’d never know. So it’s probably just some really skinny guy with Chris Evan’s face pasted over him, and not Evans pulling a Christian Bale.

How did I not know that Tommy Lee Jones is in this film? Cool.

Topless Chris Evans has increased ticket sales to this film and we’re only halfway through the trailer. He is totally going on my man crush list.

There’s a weird shot of Captain America jumping to grab a crane or something hanging from the ceiling. I realise that they’re only showing him mid flight for a second but it seems a bit weird, for some reason it reminds me of that bit in Space Jam when Michael Jordan scores the final points for the game by defying physics.

They are really hammering home the whole “Avengers” thing. While I never understood why a superhero team was called The Avengers, I guess it kind of makes sense with Captain America, after all surely he’s avenging the world, but it just seems like they’re crowbarring the word in where it’s not necessary. I assume that The Avengers as a team are less familiar to the public eye than say, the Fantastic Four or the Justice League, and they need to make sure people connect this film with the Avengers movie.

The Red Skull looks awesome, I was worried that a man who has a red skull for a face would look ridiculous, but somehow, somehow, they’ve made him look cool. I read somewhere that they’re downplaying the whole Nazi thing and replacing it with Hydra, which I’m sure will upset some people, but doesn’t bother me too much. After all, the basic premise of changing a man into a six foot, blonde ubermensch so that he can fight Nazi’s and all that they stand for, seems a bit weak.

We’re treated to the standard trailer ending with someone asking a question only to be answered with something cool that would look good quoted in a screen name. I imagine the shield being developed will be a major part of the story, and hopefully they’ll explain what it was doing in Tony Starks workshop.

Overall the film looks pretty awesome, plenty of fights scenes, explosions, topless Chris Evans and a decent looking Captain America uniform. Obviously it’s hard to gain a real idea of what the film will be like given less than 30 seconds of footage, but considering they’ve made both Captain America and The Red Skull look badass in a live action setting, i’m sold.

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