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First post-pre-preview of Green Lantern

Posted in Green Lantern Film on November 17, 2010 by watsonprime

So, the first full Green Lantern trailer has been released and, after the pre-preview that left me apprehensive, I think it looks pretty darn good.

There is some elaboration on the scenes we saw the the Entertainment Tonight trailer, as well as lots of new ones mainly covering Hal’s recruitment into the Green Lantern Corps. We also see some nice shots of the GLC, including our first proper look at Mark Strong’s Sinestro.

Ryan Reynolds is clearly playing Hal Jordan as he plays every single one of his characters. But judging from the extra footage we’ve seen, it seems to fit Hal better than I thought when I saw the preview. The character of Hal is summed up in the trailer pretty well, he’s a ladies man who flies planes and he’s also not afraid of coming onto his boss Carol Ferris, played by Blake Lively, or at least a wooden doll of Blake Lively.

Green Lantern’s origins aren’t as well known as, say, Batman or Superman, and the trailer sums it up quickly for those who don’t know. Hal Jordan finds a dying alien called Abin Sur, who reveals that he is part of an intergalactic police force, these officers wear a green Power Ring that gives the wearer a whole bunch of super powers, the most notable of these being the ability to make solid constructs out of Green Light. Abin then gives the ring to Hal, noting that he has the ability to overcome great fear. Hal puts the ring on, which generates his costume (which looks better than I first thought) and flies to the planet Oa to start his training.

While it looks impressive to those who read Green Lantern, or are at least aware of the title and it’s characters, I fear that no-one outside of the comic book community is going to see this film. If we look at the big superhero films, people can usually only name about four: Superman, Batman, Spider-man and X-Men. These were all films that, in the case of the latter three, had cartoons that ran for the better part of the 90s, successful iconic films and were popular amongst non comic book readers. Basically, these were all well known before their films came out, Green Lantern on the other hand, to someone who is not so knowledgable about the DCU just looks like it might be like Star Wars or something.

As a massive Green Lantern fan, I can now say that I am excited about this film. I am also glad that they kept Sinestro pink, and not red, like he’s been coloured recently.

A preview for a teaser?

Posted in Green Lantern Film on November 13, 2010 by watsonprime

So, some footage of the new Green Lantern movie has been released, in the form of a pre-preview. Yeah, that’s right, a pre-preview. Entertainment Tonight have released a trailer for their show featuring footage from the Green Lantern film that they are going to be showing, on their show. How very meta Entertainment Tonight.

So what does the film look like? Well, as a huge Green Lantern fan I was very excited, reports from Comic-Con seemed to give the impression that the movie looked pretty spectacular, and as we all know, if you’ve won over Comic-Con, then your film must be good (That is an actual fact, look it up in a book). Unfortunately, the footage shown was incredibly underwhelming, I guess they don’t want to give away all the good stuff that will be in the trailer?

Straight away, the announcer reveals she clearly doesn’t give a fuck about it as, despite the fact that the title of the movie “Green Lantern” is constantly on screen, refers to it as “The Green Lantern”. While this is a minor issue, it does worry me that no one bothered correcting her. It’s like the whole “Spider-man” vs “Spiderman” debate, while the addition or a removal of a hyphen or a “The” aren’t important, they are indicators of a larger problem. If you can’t be bothered to get the name of your film right, how can we be sure that you’ve bothered with the more more difficult issues?

Anyway, remember how Hal Jordan in the comics is the slightly nerdy, little bit excitable, wannabe ladies man? No? That’s because he was the serious, little bit boring, super awesome test pilot. While I have no argument with making Hal a bit more interesting, I was hoping Ryan Reynolds would play him as someone other than every character he’s ever played.

But my main problem is this, the first credits go to Blake Lively. Not Ryan Reynolds, the main character, and lead actor. Not even Mark Strong, who plays Sinestro. Blake Lively. I guess whoever is marketing this film is worried that no one will see a Green Lantern film, and is instead targeting it towards the people who watch Gossip Girl. Now, I’ve never watched Gossip Girl, but I imagine that the vast majority of people who watch it, aren’t going to see Green Lantern, no matter who is in it, so why put her name first?

Anyway, I’m getting this from less than 30 seconds worth of footage, I guess I just have to wait for the whole trailer to be released before I pass judgement.

P.S. I hate when adverts for comic book related films have to tell audiences stuff like “one of the most beloved comic book super heroes of all time”.